Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The worst storm we’ve had in 10 years

…Well, that’s how they pitched it anyway. I don’t want to take away from the havac that the storm caused in Idaho, and even into Salt Lake. However, in little old Lindon and down in Provo we got nothing. It’s cold to be sure, but it isn’t anything that we don’t see on a regular basis in Utah. I was waiting for the power to go out and for massive trees to be blown over. I had planned on making a snow cave in the back yard with the massive amount of snow that was supposed to have fallen.

The storm was supposed to hit at 3:00pm, and then at 6:00pm. Well, 10:30pm rolled by and it still hadn’t gotten here. Now it’s the next morning and the ground outside is disappointingly not covered in white. Nothing is blown over, and the lights all work. After all of the hype I must admit that I am thoroughly disappointed. But, it’s still the holidays, so I will enjoy eating massive amounts of food and spending time with family.


  1. I'm not sorry about losing electricity but it was a super big bust all right!

  2. I'm so glad! It was because of my family who was praying that our wedding wouldn't be snowed out! :)